Burlesque Classes

Burlesque is for all womxn, regardless of age, race, weight or fitness levels, it is about learning to love our bodies and acknowledging the beauty of the feminine spirit.

We aim to embrace and accept our bodies in all their assorted variations and challenge the media’s stereotypical image of beauty by demonstrating the unique beauty of each dancer. You will find that burlesque dancing brings renewed self confidence, increased fitness and a feeling of well being as well as being a wonderful place to meet new friends and have fun.

What should you wear?

Please dress up for class. Wear a short skirt, stockings, heels and a tight top or corset.



Please email rougerevue@gmail.com to enroll for classes.

The next student intake will take place from Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

Tuesdays from 7 to 8pm pm New Beginners with Lady Magnolia

Thursdays from 6 to 7pm Beginners with Lady Magnolia

Fees: R440 per month for 1 class per week (4 classes) or R800 per month for 2 classes per week (8 classes).

Fees are due by EFT before the 1st of the month.

Venue:  62 Hopkins Street, Saltriver. (Please save my number and call me when you arrive so that I can let you in.)

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