Vita Nova


Upon her ascension to the heavens by the summoning of the gods, Vita was caught in the middle of a lunar eclipse and suspended between heaven, earth, the sun and the moon. The power of equilibrio was bestowed on her during her suspension. The whimsical charm of this wholesome enchantress can transform into the intrepid valiancy of a titaness at the hum of a sax and the drop of a strong… hard… beat. Vita Nova is an olde soul with a young heart, imperishable spirit and vivacious physique. She’s inspired by all exposures and creates a fusion within that ignites latent fervor in those who dare observe. A bright star in the night sky, Vita Nova is cold as fire, hot as ice and will leave you feeling high on the ground should you choose to experience a bit of la dolce Vita with a touch of la vida loca.


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