to the Rouge Revue

The Rouge Revue brings you professional, authentic burlesque at it’s best….


In the past, if it was explained that the heart of burlesque is the striptease, people would only hear the sound “strip” and revert to knowing glances. Trying to explain that a striptease is far more tease than sleaze was futile. Since then the scene has grown, and people are now au fait with the delights of nipple tassels, Dita Von Teese and striptease.

Burlesque doesn’t pay heed to flimsy modern concepts of beauty, as portrayed by womxn’s fashion and lads’ mags. It appeals to an audience who are more turned on by a wiggle in a walk than a ‘page three stunner’. It has become a cult among the type of womxn who can admire a beautiful female body without feeling that it threatens her own sexuality. This is where burlesque comes into its own.

We all know women who have great allure but who would never stand up to scrutiny on a traditional dance stage. But put her on a burlesque stage and she lights it up with that elusive quality, that ‘je ne sais quoi’. A good burlesque dancer projects her charisma into the audience, appealing to them on numerous levels – humour, sensuality, sex. The audience must feel she has just given them a nod and a wink, that they are in on her secret. Paradoxically, clothes are the most important element of a striptease. A burlesque dancer puts all her money into her next costume. The most a burlesque dancer is likely to reveal is tiny knickers and pasties. In fact in some burlesque acts there is no removal of clothes whatsoever.

At the heart of the Rouge Revue are Lady Magnolia’s Bevy Of Beauties


Burlesque students who range in age from 18 to 65 and represent a full spectrum of womxn in all their glory… They are womxn who embrace the unique qualities of their bodies and all their perceived flaws and imperfections. They dance to connect with their bodies, their femininity, their sexuality and their sense of self, as well as to become a part of the amazing burlesque community.

Lady Magnolia’s passion lies in teaching womxn from all walks of life the art of burlesque and sharing the body positive, sex positive, queer positive message that burlesque imparts. Lady Magnolia currently teaches burlesque to about 70 womxn in her Woodstock home studio.


The Rougettes are  our professional troupe of curvaceous and irresistible burlesque performers.

We aim to bring our audience more than just a show… we bring you an experience…. a salute to the by-gone days of glamour, ruby lips, rouged cheek-bones and sexy, hip-swaying struts, bumps, grinds and struts.

Made up of nine gorgeous gals, each Rougette has something different, distinct and daring about her.

On any given night you might see the luscious Lady Magnolia weaving her magic,  Jezzy Belle’s saucy style and symphonic singing voice, Cherry Lesque’s tempting tit bits. You won’t forget Satines perfect pout,  Lady Danger’s deadly curves and Petit Renards magical movements. Ziggy is the zany unicorn you never knew you needed in your life, MizzChief will make a MizzFit out of you in the blink of an eye and Cleo Darling will take you to the depths of desire.

Members of the Rougettes have appeared on television and in films and music videos, have taught and teased their way through their professional careers as writers, designers, teachers, academics, musicians, medical professionals and editors.

To enrol for classes in 2020, please click here

The Rouge Revue also hosts one of South Africa’s premiere burlesque events, Born Risque, which showcases some of the leading names in burlesqueas well as The Grand Exhibition, a National event in support of women’s charities in South Africa.


Why We Do It

We believe that all women are beautiful and powerful and that by creating a positive experience of sexuality, we are able to empower women and educate society. We challenge the medias beauty ideals by giving our audience a true and honest experience of what truly makes us beautiful. Confidence and the willingness to pursue our dreams!

Check out the Rouge Revue beauties in Oh Mercy’s first music video – Voodoo Queen, filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa.