No Strings Attached – A Burlesque Story – South Africa’s first burlesque documentary


No Strings Attached – A Burlesque Story – South Africa’s first burlesque documentary


Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to make South Africa’s first burlesque documentary! To everyone who ordered copies, they are on their way to you! Please let us know when they arrive and we’d love to hear what you think!

For Sale! We have 9 copies of South Africa’s first burlesque documentary available at R150 each. All money from DVD sales will be donated to Rape Crisis.
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No Strings Attached – A Burlesque Story

This project was born from a place of pure passion when Nadia (Maiden d’Nude/Casual Harry) after a huge life changing event, sat down and thought about what makes life worth living – and so the idea of TripTease Road Tour was born.

After pitching the idea to Tenille (Lady Magnolia) who gave the project wings, the idea quickly evolved into a documentary about the highs, lows and challenges of taking this bold and provocative art form on tour in a largely conservative society. Aside from how Burlesque enriches the individual lives of the dancers, the rise of the Burlesque movement in South Africa has a bigger role to play… its one of liberation and empowerment of women. We aim to capture not only the glamor and the challenges the dancers face, but how Burlesque shakes up the modern convention of beauty and female sexuality.

**** Film Synopsis ****

Burlesque, originating in America and flourishing from the Jazz age to the Sexual revolution… is re-emerging in theaters all over the world and South Africa is developing a growing burlesque scene.

Indulging in costumes, glitter, feathers, garters and all things sparkling, burlesque dancers exude brazen sexuality and challenge social norms and ideas on beauty, gender and sisterhood, ingredients that leave their predominantly female and queer following, eager for more.

Throughout history Burlesque and it’s ‘public nudity’ has evoked a wide spectrum of opinion, controversy and emotion. The Rouge Review, one of South Africa’s burlesque troupes, hopes to shed light on many of these misconceptions and explore the confidence, grace and sense of belonging with which burlesque empowers both the performers and their audience.

With a wink and a smile, this diverse troupe of strong, beautiful South African women, will take you on a journey of feminine enlightenment and let you in on their secret.


Diva Disastar – “S.A.’s Dame of Burlesque and founder of Black Orchid Burlesque

King St Foxx

Scar-lit Hearts – co-founder of Black Orchid Burlesque

Lady Magnolia – Founder of The Rouge Revue

Marlene Dicktrick

Maiden D’nude

Jezzy Belle

Penny Pinup

Dear Mrs Panda

with The Rougettes

and international guest performer, Louis(e) De Ville

Author: Lady Magnolia