The Art of Sexy – By Maiden D’nude


THE ART OF SEXY!! by Maiden D’nude

The most interesting part of developing your burlesque character is watching your character form. In the beginning you can watch performers and decide that your character will be a sexy, smouldering siren, and then before you know it you are dancing around the stage in a strawberry clad tutu as the classic cheesecake pin-up girl. Or you can take on the more macabre and be dressed in black with heavy make – up, trying to make a statement about beauty.

Not what you originally had in mind

Somehow the smouldering sexy thing is never what emerges. In fact when you try on this whole “sexy” thing, it’s fairly illusive. When you start trying out the most “sexy” moves you can end up looking like a comic book character. So where is the line of sexy? Excessive pelvic thrusting? Dry humping the floor? Well …. no !

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Finding the sexy in burlesque ….. undoing your skirt just to find the zip wont open, you smile sweetly and tug, tug tug, rippp…. you drop your skirt to the floor oh so seductively and step to the right, step to the left and …. slip on the skirt… ! Stockings stick, gloves hook, masks obscure vision, heals break ….. you can feel more like Mr Bean then Ms Sexi.

In burlesque it is well known that it is more about what you conceal then what you reveal. Its more about your face then your body. Its what your eyes say while you move your hips, its what your lips tease at in that naughty smile. The delicate art of holding back while giving it all and allowing the audience a glimpse into your private world as if no one is looking.

So whether cheesecake, macabre or in my case impersonating a man 🙂 the art of sexy is not what it might first appear to be and is about being comfortable in your own skin, having fun and not showing too much too soon all while avoiding falling off the stage!!

Which Burlesque Character would you be?

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Author: Lady Magnolia