Burlesque and how to enjoy it


The atmosphere at a burlesque show is celebratory, the environment casual but glamorous and the energy is high! This is not a formal theater environment, this is BURLESQUE!

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Not everyone will be seated. This is a part of the magic of burlesque, it’s fluidity and dynamic nature are present in all things. If you do not manage to claim a seat, find somewhere comfortable to stand and enjoy the show. Find a buddy and swop seats/standing space at interval. Be ok with this. I once stood through a 4 hour long show at the New York City Burlesque Festival in killer heels and then caught the subway home. It was totally worth it!

Be respectful.

While burlesque incorporates strip tease, there is much more to the show then pasties and g strings. Be tactful. Shouting ‘take it off’ before the music has even started will not earn you any points with the performers. Be attentive during the performance and save chatting with friends for between acts.

No touching!

If you’re lucky enough to be in the front row, don’t touch the performers. They may slap their bottoms or even each others bottoms, but an unwelcome pinch from the audience is not ok.


Don’t photograph performers on stage, most shows have a dedicated professional photographer to capture the magic and images are screened before being sent off into the ether on social media. Respect each performers right to control her image and maintain her privacy. Context is everything in burlesque.


Don’t visit your friends or favorite performers backstage. Just because they are comfortable with you seeing them naked doesn’t mean that the rest of the performers wish to change in front of you. We like to maintain an air of mystery and backstage is where we do the not so glamorous stuff.  Backstage should always be a safe and private space for the cast of the show.


You may be lucky enough to find a garter tossed in your direction or a stray glove draped around your neck, but please be sure to return these items to our stage kittens so that they can be returned to their owners.

How to earn bonus points!

Dress Up!

Jeans and T shirts don’t cut it for burlesque. Wear an evening dress and high heels or a suit and bowtie. Bring along your feather boas and fascinators, slip into your best shoes. This is your chance to bring out your favorite dress or shirt and not feel over dressed.

Follow your favorite performers on instagram, twitter and facebook. Like their page, share their videos, pictures and show dates and let the world know that you think they are fabulous!

Burlesque dancers love champagne. Order a bottle and send it backstage with your compliments.

We can’t wait to entertain you!

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Thank you for the support!!!

Author: Lady Magnolia