Casual Harry, Cape Town Drag King, on gender bending

Behind the scenes with Casual Harry

I often look back and wonder what the hell made me decide to call up my best guy friend that day and ask him if I could come over and try on his clothes. True, I had been standing in front of my mirror with duct tape strapping down my breast and searching through my draws looking for man clothes that I didn’t even vaguely own. So calling up a buddy to borrow some clothes would seem like the next step from there. But the reason why I was strapping down my breasts in the first place is still a mystery to me.

It was precisely this thought that had me kicking myself when I got the email to audition for a drag king role in SA’s first lesbian feature film. I was very comfortable on stage after 2 years of performing my dragish burlesque act but this was a whole new level. They sent me the script and they wanted me to sport a massive dildo and the script, at that point, had me lifting unknown girl onto table and straddling her. I giggled and blushed a lot …. not very manly at all. After a bottle of wine… I decided to woman up to the job! And replied that, β€œsure…. no problem…. I was up for it.”

It didn’t take much to get me wildly excited for the role. Things were coming together. A friend said that I could use her dildo, but phoned me the next day saying that she must have been drunk when she had said that because both her and her girlfriend are not actually ok with it at all …. umm, understandably πŸ™‚

I met the director and HOD’s on set and the costume department was given instructions to buy me a dildo. When I got the call on delivery day, I was fascinated to see what my dick would look like. Knock at the door and there it was …. I was proud , but …. my girlfriend was not …. I think it was the balls … no one expected it to have balls!

My girlfriend was not impressed!

Sunday, suited up and on set, surrounded by burlesque beauties. No men allowed …. except for me, ;)We were shooting the final day of the movie, set in a burlesque club.

I guess I didn’t have to spend the entire day with my dick hanging out of my boxers, but it was what the director wanted for the shot and I needed to get into character. That … and how amusing it was for me getting the awkward glances from the male crew who had let ALL the girls know that β€œNO man’s dick is THAT big!!!” …. mine is πŸ™‚

The day was incredible, the cast the crew and the burlesque beauties worked together seamlessly. We were all proud to be part of something so far not done in SA. I felt really lucky to be showcasing drag king which is still mostly an unknown art in SA by virtue of the fact that when I tell people that I do drag they think I mean I’m a drag queen…. which is confusing to me because that would mean I would need to be a man. But then by its nature …. gender bending can be confusing.

Lots of love from Casual Harry

Casual Harry with The Rougettes

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Author: Lady Magnolia