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This page is a place for the womxn in our burlesque community to share their goods and services offered, so that we can support and uplift each other, not only in class, but in the big wide world too! This is even more important ***In the time of COVID-19***

Products & Services




Cleo Darling -Mind and Body Coach

I am a mind and body coach. How I explain it to my clients is that I am a Wellness Sober Buddy. Even though I have the skills to do Body workouts and can do that if needed, I really focus on the mental and emotional wellness through the process of gaining more health. In that I do life coaching sessions and nutrition support that make the journey to health more connected to yourself and your own unique ways of creating wealth in health not just in your body but in all aspects related to this too.

Contact Cleo – 082 827 8794

Sativalicious – leather wallets and bags

I have some leather clutch wallets that I would love to showcase on the Comminity page. My dad is the one who makes them. He’s a pensioner and uses this as a way to get in some extra cash. Contact Sativa – 078365 9325




I am an Arts Psychotherapist (HPCSA registration nr. 0001040). Arts therapies uses the language of the arts – stories, poems, symbols, archetypes, body wisdom and movement – to make sense of our experiences, especially the ones we struggle to find words for. I work with adults and children and specialize in trauma and eating disorders. At the moment I can offer individual and group online sessions of an hour each. Feel welcome to email me on


Sassafras – Theonista


About us
Theonista is Cape Town’s original kombucha company and health beverage innovator. Skill development is a core value of ours; as such all products are handmade in small batches by our majority-female team in Woodstock.

***In the time of COVID-19***

Hi friends,

Over half the restaurants and small businesses we normally supply are already closed or significantly restricted their trading, so we’ve put together a FREE direct delivery option to get our immune-boosting ‘booch and other healthy products out to people working from home doing their part to #flattenthecurve.

As a truly independent, majority-female business that prioritizes local sourcing and using “people over machines” among our core values, your support has a tremendously positive impact on Theonista as a brand and the local economy more broadly. Theonista Kombucha – new, easy-to-share low-tech solution to ordering from us for direct, safe deliveries at home (can order for yourself or send a kombucha care package to a friend):

Order Theonista online here



Annaconda – Drifters Brewing

Hi all, it is Annaconda here and hustling!

My company Drifter Brewing Company has closed its tasting room in Woodstock but we are still delivering beer and buchu gin and tonic (both alcohol version and alcohol-free)! I am the delivery woman aka Sanitizer Sally and can come to you anywhere in the peninsula area seven days a week.

Any support is appreciated! Lots of healthy virtual hugs to you all!


Luscious Lilith

Greetings ladies 🕊 I am grateful for this space and for all of you! I am doctor of Neurophysiology and creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga – a womb-centered healing business for women

In these times of the huge collective Coronavirus underworldly descend and initiation, I offer the following two packages via skype (all comprehensive manuals and course material will be emailed):

✨ Package One [Moon (menstrual) cycle awareness]:
Sessions include education on how to take loving care of your yoni and release trauma from the yoni/womb, as well as learn how to use this feminine center for fertility, pleasure, expression of the goddess, manifesting, and creativity. Introducing feminine embodying practices and ritual, including yoni egg regime, moon charting, the use of alternative menstrual products and natural forms of contraception, as well as other sacred self-care practices such as yoni steams.
You will also be informed as to how to balance your delicate hormone levels in the context of gynecological issues as well as general vitality, and on how to use the four phases of your menstrual cycle (in relation to the lunar cycle) to your advantage in terms of, a) herbs, diet and lifestyle, and b) psychological processes and energetic principles, for example, using shadow work, intuition, nourishment, receptivity, magnetism, creativity and manifesting.
Investment: two sessions, valued at R1500, to be paid prior of session commencement. Investment includes a comprehensive womb care manual.

✨ Package Two [Shadow work]:
One of these sessions entails the completion of an intake form, as well as the discovery of your dominant goddess archetypes, by means of my Seven-Greek-Goddess-Archetype questionnaire. In addition to receiving and in-depth manual, for future reference, the genealogy, mythology, characteristics, and shadow qualities of the seven Greek goddesses will also be provided in booklet form.
With respect to both light and dark aspects of the goddess archetypes, I teach a curated 5-step “Life as mythical stage show practice” TM, whereby one’s unconscious limiting beliefs/stories/schemas are systematically rewritten to create one’s reality from a space of love, in line with one’s values and life purpose. This method draws on the modalities of Acceptance Commitment therapy, Somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Depth psychology. The aim is to both deal effectively with one’s emotional triggers as well as use the trigger to tap important information locked away in the unconscious mind, essentially digging for the gold in an alchemical/transformative process. By consciously writing the script of your life and transforming your inner world, your outer world will naturally follow suit.

✨ These 6 sessions include the following:
– The theory behind complex trauma, Jungian psychology, shadow work and other relevant modalities, which will be applied in the 6 sessions.
– The identification of a recurring, emotional trigger or projection (introduced by people you have an intimate relationship with, situations, and/or events in your life), to which you respond with a disproportionate reaction (an overreaction), which we will be working with throughout the entire 6 sessions.
– Tools to defuse a trigger scenario.
– Discovering the limiting core beliefs which underlie your trigger scenario, as well as the antidote replacement beliefs and values-directed bahaviours which are line with your antidote archetype of choice. By the end of the 6th session, the limiting belief will have been transformed to that of the antidote belief, on psychological, neuro-physiological and behavioural levels
– Exploration of 7 Greek Goddess archetypes, establishing to what extent each is operating in your life, in both healthy and unhealthy ways, and the harnessing of their beneficial aspects in your trigger scenario.
– Working with the central- and autonomic nervous system, in moving from freeze/dissociation, fight/flight, or socialization (people pleasing), to a state of increased vagal tone, when you have been triggered.
– Somatic and embodiment work, integrating and releasing childhood trauma, and using active imagination.
– Identifying the sacred needs of all of your parts in your psyche, including that of your inner exiled child’s.
– Weaving the Greek story of Psyche and Eros, as well as Greek myth “Who get the golden apple”, into your daily life, where you will be embarking on your own heroic journey, in mythological terms: a journey of with ease and grace, moving back and forth between the underworld (personal and collective unconscious) and the upperworld (conscious mind and the mundane, every-day living), so as to integrate the unconscious with the conscious.
– A comprehensive manual to implement in response to any future trigger, for the rest of your life.

🕊Once we are freed from lock-down, I can then also offer other services which include teaching private yoga classes, monthly sisterhood circles, and selling belly (waist) beads, organically home-grown and –made smudge bundles, as well as yoni eggs and wands. For more information on this, as well as my bio and updates on upcoming events, please visit

💛💛💛💛🧡 I solute you, fellow Spiritual Sparks 🧡💛💛💛💛


If you want to start a meditation practice, now is certainly the time. Deepak and Oprah make it so easy with just 20mins a day of guided meditation. This is a free 21-Day course. Each day is accessible for three days and it started today.
Hope In Uncertain Times
The 21-Day Meditation Experience makes meditation easy, fun, and inspiring.


Danielle – Wine to keep the blues away


2 day offer until lockdown – Collection from Obs

My good friend, Danielle, has access to the following amazing wines, she works in the film industry which has come to a grinding halt, so if you can support her, please do:

Chenin, Sauvignon blanc, and sauv blanc/semillon 2017 R55 per bottle

All premium wine, 4 star John Platter

Shiraz 2013, Cab Sav Merlot 2014 R60, same as above., award winning wines, reds are that vintage because sale unexpectedly flopped, so has excess stock.

There’s also a proper proper premium shiraz 2014 for R90

All above wines normally retail for between R120 and R200

To order contact Danielle 072 264 8126


Nourish.Move.Play with Moonflower

Every Tuesday evening for the next 21 days – let us ‘meet’ in community and keep moving!

Follow me on instagram to join me for a LIVE Power Blend Class (Barre, Pilates, Yoga & cardio fusion)

Every Tuesday evening 7pm – 8pm
Access is free-You just need wifi, some space to get sweaty and the time!


Kitty Kat


Drama Coach

Kitty, also known as Jessica, is a professional Drama Coach for adults and children. Based at the Byron Bure Academy of Theatre Arts, she offers both private and group classes for professionals, amateurs and anyone in between. Jessica focuses on working with emotions, confidence, speech and physicality. She believes that every individual’s process is exactly that — individual — and adapts her approach based on her clients needs. For more information pop onto or message Jessica on 0722219949





My name is Miriam but everyone knows me as Mimi.

I am a kinesiologist in the making with a true passion for it. If you are interested in unleashing your own physical and emotional self-healing potential, I am available to facilitate you through this process.  Please whatsapp me on 083 391 5530.



Lola Dust


Translator Spanish/English

I am a registered sworn translator for spanish and english. Visit my website for more information

Ruby Riot


The Velvet Letter

IMG_20180129_135255I create corsets and gowns using traditional European couture-sewing and corset making techniques. Each garment is one-of-a-kind, a wearable work of art designed to fit and flatter you perfectly and conjure the experience of sensuality, glamour and elegance.

The Ultimate Swimsuit Project


The Ultimate Swimsuit Project is for women who want to enjoy everything summer has to offer but aren’t satisfied with conventional bathers.

Created in response to hundreds of conversations about individual women’s swimwear needs, we’ve designed a range vintage-inspired swimdresses that are comfortable, timeless and elegant with a saucy sprinkle of style and sass!

Our costumes are all made in Cape Town from quality materials and, if you treat them right, they will last you for years meaning fewer garments ending up in landfills adding to the global textile waste epidemic. (So you get to feel good as well as glamourous – win!)

Ruby Blue

RR_0438 copy

Made for You, By Me

I make custom hand painted jewellery and illustrations.
Made For You, By Me facebook page

Lulu Bangs


Air Bnb Management

Lu runs EasyBnb, an Air Bnb management company.
Click here for more info on Easybnb