The Rougettes

Brought to you by The Rouge Revue!

Bring a touch of old-time glitz and glamour to your event!

The Rouge Revue can customise a show to perfectly suit your event, from a single amazing number to a full length show. You can book The Rouge Revue for your corporate function, fundraiser, festival, fashion show, concert, bar or nightclub! We are also available for theatre, film and television. We offer a full burlesque show, troupe performances, solo performances, atmospheric characters or we an tailor a service to suit your event.

We are also able to provide, sound, stage, lighting and  DJ’s to create the perfect ambience for your party!

We can provide glamorous showgirls, burly beauties, singing sirens and all manner of novelty burlesque numbers, for all kinds of audiences.

“In my opinion, what Lady Magnolia has achieved with Burlesque is an expansion of the definition of beauty, redefining it to be inclusive, recognizing and celebrating the unique beauty within us all. Her message of love and acceptance is not a spoken one, she leads by example, and does so with a fearlessness and grace so enchanting you can’t help but just get with the program. Together with her beautiful Rougettes, Lady Magnolia is changing the world into a more beautiful and loving place, one student at a time.” Jamieson

The Rouge Review recently performed @ my 40th Birthday Party. The show was fantastic and all my guests are still raving about it. Special thanks to all the ladies who performed so well and made my event truly memorable. ~ The Bucket List Genie

“We had a small group of girls together for a Bachelorette Party on Saturday. Lady Magnolia gave us a workshop with some basic moves. BEST. PARTY. EVER!!!!!
She is such a lovely person with lots of patience while we giggled and laughed at how unfit we all are. We all really enjoyed it soooo much!!! Will definitely recommend it to anyone.
Thank you Lady Magnolia!!!!” Elize Marais

“I want to drive a burlesque car. I want to smoke burlesque cigarettes. I want to eat burlesque food. I want my clothes to smell like burlesque fabric softener. I want to roll around in burlesque. I want to live in burlesqueville. I want to climb burlesque mountains and swim in their burlesque pools.

But more than anything I want to have a night like that waaaay more often…. ” Vonne Aspey

Dear Lady Magnolia and her bevy of beauties

I would like to thank you and express my gratitude for your professionalism and quality of your burlesque performance. Without question, Lady Magnolias bevy of beauties enriched the evening for our special VIPs and added to the beautiful ambience. My guests were very impressed and I personally received numerous compliments on selecting such incredible burlesque artists.

I would recommend Lady Magnolia and her bevy of beauties to anyone who asks and would not hesitate to use you again for future events.

Wishing you great success!

Best wishes for your performing career and we hope to see you again at a future event!

Once again,Thank you a million times over!
Yours Sincerely

Burlesque performances by The Rougettes

20 Minute troupe show – Minimum 3 dancers @ R1500 per dancer
The 20 minute show consists of a solo from each dancer as well as a choreographed troupe performance.

Solo performance by a member of The Rougettes – R1500
Select a solo performer to suit your event

To inquire about performers for your event, please click here: Booking inquiry