Lady Magnolia’s Bevy of Beauties spend a day in studio with Ruby Red Door Photography


The Rouge Revue survived (and thrived on) a whirlwind weekend of performances on both Friday and Saturday night, a workshop on Saturday afternoon and finally,  after 4 hours sleep,  a fabulous photo shoot with 14 of our beauties heading into studio with Ruby Red Door Photography and her fabulous assistant, Nelly.

What made the day so memorable was that 7 of the 14 models had never posed for a photo shoot before, let alone wearing so little 😉 Some of the ladies have only attended 2 classes and so nervous energy and lots of giggles filled the room, until we popped open the champagne that is! It was a real treat getting to know some of the brand new ladies, and learning their new stage names.

The muscle

Dear Mrs Panda – The Muscle

Thank you to Miss Ruby and Nelly, and to all the beauties who spent their Sunday in front of the camera.

Here are some behind the scenes shots and musings from the beauties….

From Belle Wilde

Belle Wilde bares it all

Thanks Miss Ruby for being so incredibly calm, gentle, warm and patient – everything a first time subject could have asked for. And thanks to your amazing assistant Nelly for being so supportive, encouraging, and professional. I was blown away by both of you – thank you!!!! And having Boss Lady M and Dear Mrs Panda there providing ice-breakers, laughs, background music, tips and encouragement, and lots of luuuuurv was of course fantastic too. And thanks so much to Poppy Fields, Miss Mary O’Nette and all the others who were there around my shoot time who generously and openly shared their wardrobe, mastix, costume advice, moral support etc.

From Melantha Von Myste

Melantha Von Myste

Melantha Von Myste

Just. WOW. As someone who doesn’t photograph particularly well, I am always apprehensive about photo shoots and am a reluctant and awkward subject. At best! But something magical happened that Sunday morning. The venue…..the music…the amazing photographer and her lovely assistant…the encouraging presence of Lady Magnolia and Dear Mrs Panda….the hysterical banter….it all just culminated in an absolutely unforgettable experience that I am so thrilled and excited about . To all the Beauties who I got the chance to engage with….you were all stunning and your words of encouragement were greatly appreciated.  And if I accidentally flashed anyone whilst attempting that crazy handstand in HIGH HEELS…. oops, my bad!!!!! *blushing face*

And here are 3 teasers from Miss Ruby herself. Superb as always.

Author: Lady Magnolia