The Bevy of Beauties and The Rougettes audition their solo’s for Modern Vintage tonight


One of my absolute favorite things about having a show coming up is the fact that 2 weeks before the big night, I get to spend my evening in the company of some of the most beautiful women I know, witnessing them breathe life into their show numbers, seeing new concepts, costumes and characters emerge. I am always spellbound by their performances, honored that they trust me enough to share their ideas, despite being nervous and sometimes not feeling ready for the act to be presented on stage yet. I often have to ask the dancers to repeat the performance so that I can watch with a more critical eye the second time around, as I get lost in the performance when they do it for the first time.

Tonight is that night, I have wine on ice, my notebook ready and my excitement is brimming over.

Keep your eye open for some pictures tomorrow.

I’m not the only one who loves audition night, our beautiful stage kitten, Saskia, thinks it’s the best night of the year too! Costumes galore, glitter and great music. What’s not to love!

IMG_5102 IMG_5105 IMG_5099

Author: Lady Magnolia