The Rouge Revue Mentorship Program


The Rouge Revue – Studio Shows and Mentorship Program

We host studio showcases 4 times a year. These studio shows give our students a chance to invite friends and family to see them on stage and share what they’ve learned. It’s our way of growing the burlesque community and also an incredibly FUN, life affirming experience.

Please note that performing in our quarterly shows is completely optional. No one is under any obligation to perform at any stage.

However, should the idea of getting on stage send a little thrill down your spine, we invite you to participate in our studio shows and would like to introduce our mentorship program.

The Rouge Revue and The Rougettes, our professional burlesque troupe, have created a mentorship program for newbies who wish to work on a solo/duet with the help of a mentor. This program is also for existing performers who wish to develop their performances or try something new. Peep Shows are scheduled before studio shows, so that if you wish to audition something for the studio show, you have the opportunity to ‘test it out’ and get some valuable stage time at Peep Show.

We host 4 Private Peep Shows a year. These shows are only open to members of the Rouge Revue, so everyone in the audience is a fellow dance student, which makes the Private Peep Show a very safe space to get on stage for the first time, or to try something new. Peep Shows are hosted in our own homes, to create a safe, intimate atmosphere.

In order to qualify for the mentorship program, you need to have performed a group dance in at least one Rouge Revue Show. You need to complete an application form in which you outline your ideas, song choice, concept and stipulate your desires and intentions. You may request a specific mentor from within the Rougettes troupe, or I will match you with the person I think will be a good fit for your personality, dance style and the piece you wish to work on.

Please remember that you need to have participated in a group show before embarking on the mentorship program.

Should you wish to sign up and be mentored, please send me an email. Our Private Peep Shows for 2018 are scheduled as follows:

23rd March

29th June

28 September

30th November

All dates and venues TBC but this gives you an idea.

Some more notes on performing with The Rouge Revue.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who come after her.” Christiane Northrup

We are strongly affiliated with Rape Crisis and a portion of the proceeds raised from ticket sales from all of our shows is donated to Rape Crisis. We also create the option for guests to donate to Rape Crisis when purchasing tickets to our shows.

We also host The Grand Exhibition, an annual burlesque benefit in aid of Rape Crisis in August every year. Over the last 3 years, we’ve raised over R90 000 for Rape Crisis.

By joining The Rouge Revue, you are joining a group of womxn who aim to uplift and empower each other. We welcome you!!!

Author: Lady Magnolia