A marathon session with Ruby Red Door photography


I woke up at 6am to take my wife, Kerry, to work this morning, and as I walked back in through the front door, was hit with the sight of 2 days worth of photo shoot debris! Rose petals and glitter covered the floor, champagne glasses were scattered between the kitchen to the bedroom, feather boas were draped over every available surface….  Sounds just like every other day, you might think, but believe me, this was bad!

Our home studio was transformed into a photographic paradise for a total of 14 hours this weekend. 21 beautiful women had the honor of being the subject of Miss Ruby’s lens and we were all left in awe of her passion, stamina and ability to stay focused for so long. I had the pleasure of capturing some of the behind the scenes action until champagne made me forget that I had a job to do, so my sincere apologies to the few ladies who I didn’t get around to capturing. Miss Ruby’s images will more than make up for it!  To see some sneak peeks of Miss Ruby’s images from our shoot, click here.

I LOVE having band new students join us for photo shoots and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know them better and get a sense of who their burlesque character may be. There were lots of first timers in studio with us this weekend and I really loved how helpful and attentive each woman was.

Saturdays props included a giant red chair,  a very sweet and vocal dog called Cola Bear, a cowboy hat, giant feather fans, a whip and many other little bits and pieces that were used to hide our bits!

A day in studio with Ruby Red Door Photography is an absolute treat and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get in touch with their sensuality and end the day feeling like a million dollars!

Here are some thoughts from our beautiful dancers who stepped in front of the camera on the weekend.

Vita Nova

It was my first time shooting with Miss Ruby and WOW WOW WOW! What an experience! I’ve seen her work and, of course, I was pretty excited. I’ve done shoots before and I’m generally pretty comfortable in front of the camera and thought we’d just jump straight in with a few reference shots and it would be onto the next dancer. Nope, not with Miss Ruby. We had a chat a few minutes before starting so she could get to know me better as she’s only ever seen me at The Rouge Revue shows. We spoke about what I like and what I think works for me and what doesn’t. I thought I had this figured out having done shoots before but I left the shoot feeling like I was the only one there that day, feeling more comfortable in my skin, and feeling like there’s no need to hide what I feel is my weakness, but rather display it in a different light. Miss Ruby’s energy was warm, welcoming, professional and conversational. It was playful and fun, enlightening and inspiring, and overall it was a fun day hanging out with friends, making new ones and sharing love and beauty.

 Satine a Terre

I still smile when I think of my time in front of miss Ruby’s lens last Saturday. What an amazingly sexy and affirming experience! Thank you Lady Magnolia, for, as always, creating a warm and welcoming space and to Miss Ruby for being the gem that she is. xxx


My shoot on Saturday with Ruby was so much fun. Ruby made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I haven’t felt that sexy in years.

Suzie Q

I arrived on Saturday quite honestly terrified and ready to cancel and flee. Miss Ruby was warm, genuine and friendly. So in tune with her inner Goddess that I relaxed and loved the time we spent together. She guided me gently, a little naughty, fun and sexy but always a total professional! Thank you Miss Ruby I cannot wait for the next opportunity to work with you, to embrace my inner goddess

Belle Wilde

Pink hair and hot pink panties; champagne and rosewater-raspberry cupcakes. And celery. So much fun in front of the camera, it’s play time here! And behind: hours of laughter, solidarity, even gloved hands cupping body parts from behind curtains (*wide eyes*). My fake eyelashes leave gummy-gluey eyes for a day, but it was so worth it, to PLAY. Photo-shopped and highly stylised, I can’t wait for the results.”


My shoot with Miss Ruby made me feel so sexy and naughty and fun. Miss Ruby has a real gift with woman – she was a perfect blend of professional, friend and flirt. I felt she really managed to access the happy tease in me.


Author: Lady Magnolia