Show make up and prep


Show Make Up and Prep

This post is specially for all the beautiful new dancers who will be performing for the first time at A (S)Trip Down Memory Lane.

Show make up is totally different to every day natural make up and should feel a bit over the top when you apply it. If you feel like you look a bit like a drag queen then you’re on the right track!

It’s really important to practice doing your make up before the show as applying your own make up and doing your hair takes at least an hour and if you’re not clear on what you want to achieve and how, you’re likely to end up running out of time and disappointed with the results.

Here is a list of standard show make up essentials
False Eyelashes
Red lips
Smokey Eyes
Black liquid eyeliner flicked out at the edges

False Eyelashes
While false eyelashes can be scary, they are essential for stage and add the finishing touch to your vintage look.  They will probably end up stuck to your car dashboard on your way home from the show, which is why I tend to opt for inexpensive brands but don’t waste money on the really cheap ones as they are really challenging to apply and can make your eyes look really heavy.

Clicks stocks my favorite brand,  Eyelure,   which are inexpensive (around R50 to R70) and they have lovely vintage styles.    Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to apply them, one of your fellow dancers will help you. I find it much easier to apply my lashes with the help of an eyelash applicator which is also available at Clicks. This little tool makes applying lashes much quicker and more precise.

When selecting lashes, choose ones with a thin spine as they are easier to apply. Lashes that are fuller and longer towards the outside of the eye are the most flattering and give you a bedroom eye look. Treat the eyelash glue like contact glue, apply it to the lash, then touch to your eyelid and remove. Allow the glue to become tacky before actually sticking your lashes on. (Same rules apply for your pasties!)

Have fun with your make up ladies, it’s just one of the creative aspects of burlesque and you can really get into it if you allow yourself some time to play.

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Smokey Eyes, here are some great examples, I love the champagne look pictured below.

(The tutorial for this look  is the last video on this page)


Watch as many tutorials as you can on youtube, they can be really helpful!

Lauren Luke is my favorite you tube make up expert and she’s not only really talented, she’s also divine to listen to.

Author: Lady Magnolia