Special gifts for the burlesque goddess in your life! By Lady Magnolia

If you’ve ever wondered what to get the burlesque dancer in your life… Here are a few ideas for you!

Consumables – inexpensive gifts that we can’t get enough of!

Anyone who’s ever been to see a burlesque show will know that we go through kilograms of glitter each time we perform, so a beautiful container filled with silver or gold glitter would be a welcome addition to any burly star’s wardrobe. Include a pretty blusher brush that we can use to apply the glitter and you’ll be sure to end up with a scarlet kiss on your cheek!

Glitter by the kilo!

False Eyelashes! At best these can be reused about 3 times, but they often come off in the car on the way home from a show or in the bath (think Bridget Jones) and end up looking like drowned spiders… so a fresh pair is always a treat. Wild Rose once found a false eyelash hiding in her hair 3 days after a show! My favorite brand is Eyelure and they are available from clicks.

False Eyelashes from Clicks or Mac. The thinner the spine, the easier they are to apply.

Black Liquid Eyeliner

We love classic lines and vintage eyes, so a good quality liquid liner will always go down a treat. Look for brushes that are made of veld tips, rather than hairs, as application is quicker and easier and curtain call was 5 minutes ago!

Black Liquid Liner for a classic vintage cat eye!

Face Glitter

We love having shimmery eyes, cheeks and décolletage, usually in neutral colors like pearl, gold and silver. Glitter made specially for the face is easier on the skin and finer so it looks pretty under stage lights.

Face Glitter is kinder to the skin
Red Lipstick

There are a million shades of red, one for every mood and we have many! Red lips are a staple in any burly queens look book, so being treated to a new shade of red is sure to earn you a kiss!

Red Lips are a classic, look for deep red pigments.

We can’t get enough of sparkly, shiny, shimmery, glittery, twinkly!! A good quality shimmer body lotion will keep our skin glowing and soft! My favorite shimmer lotion is R50 from Woolies.

My favorite shimmer lotion from Woolies.

A pair of custom made Pasties is the ultimate treat for any burly babe!

No not these!

Not the edible kind!

Ambra creations makes beautiful pasties that look good enough to eat! Ask her to create something unique for your burly babe!


Ambra Creations custom pasties    Sparkly and close to our hearts!

Something a little closer to the skin! Mastix is the glue we use to attach our pasties and it’s gets used up quickly backstage where everyone shares and shares alike. Personalize a bottle of mastix so your favorite burly beauty never has to panic and fear losing a pastie again! Mastix is available from Stage Creations in Maitland.

something a little more personal

It’s all in the legs! Stay up stockings are one of our favorite things but they ladder after most shows, so we are constantly having to replace them. Look out for unusual details like ribbons, lace, seams and unusual colors.

Pretty stay ups with unusual detail  Velvet Letter - 9 Lives stay ups

The Velvet letter custom make stay up stockings that don’t ladder and every pair is made to fit the wearer.


If you are feeling flush or getting a group of people together to contribute towards a larger, more expensive gift… How about the quintessential burlesque prop, Feather Fans!

Classic feather fans

Good quality fans are expensive and are a huge investment, but they really do make one feel like a star. Golden Delishas makes custom fans starting at around R6000.


Custom made Corset


Velvet Letter custom corset

There’s nothing that feels quite as sexy and decadent as a beautiful, perfectly contoured corset… Another gift that you’ll have to club together for, but so worth it!

Happy Shopping!!!


Author: Lady Magnolia