Burlesque Classes

Burlesque is for all womxn, regardless of age, race, weight, sexual orientation or fitness levels, it is about learning to love our bodies and acknowledging the beauty of the feminine spirit. At The Rouge Revue we aim to embrace and accept our bodies in all their assorted variations and challenge the media’s stereotypical image of beauty by demonstrating the unique beauty of each dancer.

You will find that burlesque dancing brings renewed self confidence, increased fitness and a feeling of well being as well as being a wonderful place to meet new friends and have fun.

NB Burlesque during the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing

We currently offer 2 options:

Online classes via Zoom
In Person classes (with social distancing)

While burlesque dancing may seem frivolous during this time of world wide crisis, it is also a welcome relief to many who are feeling the anxiety of the situation or simply going mad from being stuck between 4 walls. It’s a way to make sure you get some exercise and to relieve stress and make new connections.

I encourage you to dress up for class! Let’s make it sexy and fun. There isn’t much else to do anyway! Wear your most outrageous sexy outfits! Turn us on, make us laugh, surprise us! Let’s get creative.

You can choose to wear comfortable exercise clothing or you can dress up (or down) for class. Ideally, please bring along a comfortable pair of heels.

One of the most incredible aspects of being with this family is its ability to actively embrace and help every one of its students grow. Pushing one’s boundaries is something that’s never done alone, and the emotional support from peers, the guidance of Lady Magnolia and the tireless efforts of senior mentors lets everyone flourish. Over the course of a year, I went from regarding burlesque as a distant fantasy to regularly performing solos at showcases and public events, with the confidence to match. It’s not always an easy path, but you’re *always* travelling it with others, and the group experience is irreplaceable.  – Ziggy

2016 was a really difficult year for me. I have been struggling with feeling of worthlessness and low self esteem and I really felt like I needed a change. I started classes in October 2016 and had my first show that Dec. The entire experience was amazing. Not only did I discover a different side to myself I also met some of the most incredible women who have taken me under their wings. I can not say enough how much the Rouge Revue and Tenille our fearless leader/teacher have changed my life. – Mr Jay Catsby

Having watched burlesque shows for years I could never have imagined being up on stage myself – and then I bumped into Lady Magnolia looking oh-so-glam at the Pick n Pay and beginners classes started that month… so I dived in, and what a transformation this divine diva’s classes initiated in me! The weekly classes are immensely fun, and powerful. The space and community of women is deeply inclusive and safe, whilst being wild and mischievous! Showing up once a week and seeing this sensual, powerful, sexy woman in the mirror and realising it is YOU is a revelation and has had a profound impact on my sexuality, sensuality, and sense of sexiness! I am forever changed and encourage all women, whatever age size shape gender sexuality, to come along and be transformed! And enjoy the full breadth of feminine beauty in the mirror each week! And I haven’t even got started on the adenaline rush and sense of empowerment that comes from performing live on stage…. YOH! Well done Lady Magnolia and Dear Mrs Panda on creating a space for love, freedom and glitter!  – Saigon Sam

The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company is basically an amazing bunch of women! Lady Magnolia is a brilliant teacher, bringing out the best in everyone & leading by example. She’s an inspiration & totally in her feminine power. Everyone from the professional Rougettes to the student troupe is friendly, supportive & fun. You’re held in a loving space & truly feel what it is to work & play together without the slightest trace of bitchiness. Burlesque is a truly empowering experience as well as being great fun and great exercise. I thoroughly recommend it to all women of all shapes, sizes & ages. – Bridgette Finklaire

Amongst other things I’m a therapist, wife, wine drinker, daughter and, more recently, a mother. Within these roles I’ve found that I’ve somewhat neglected a very important part of me. In the burlesque class I have found a space for my feminine fire, the sensual, vital part of me that is so important to my general happiness and well being. I have also found my tribe amongst the amazing women who share this space with me. As a performance art, burlesque made my wildest (and naughtiest) dreams come true and helped me to celebrate and not criticize my beautiful body that birthed two children. Thank you to Lady Magnolia who holds this sacred and safe space for us. – Satine a Terre

Starting Burlesque dance classes has probably been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Through Lady Magnolia’s wonderful teaching, I have not only learned Burlesque dance moves and routines (a huge challenge for someone as uncoordinated as myself!), but also to see and appreciate the beauty in every woman and most importantly within myself. I’ve discovered areas of my self-confidence and self-worth that I didn’t even know existed. Lady Magnolia creates such a safe and happy space, and is truly an amazing and nurturing teacher. I highly, highly recommend her classes. – Ruby Blue

Joining the Rouge Revue Burlesque company was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Having Lady Magnolia make you feel glamorous & sexy while looking in the mirror every week… Makes you learn to absolutely adore yourself, through your flaws, confidence issues (you know all those dark feelings we all feel). These classes turn those dark feelings into pure glitter! There is a sisterhood that is formed… Weather you are teeny, tiny, small, medium, voluptuous, purple, green, 21, 85, sparkly, less sparkly… There is a place for you. When I stepped in my first class I’d never imagine the things I’d achieve & lessons I would have learned through the process. The classes are definitely worth a try… You’ll love it & through it love being a women & love yourself! – Cherry Lesque

Once upon what feels like a very long time ago – I got divorced, I turned 40 and I’d had two stunning little boys. I’d forgotten who I was as a sensual, desirable woman. And then I went to a 40th birthday party and Lady Magnolia performed. She had a gold butterfly and gold glitter in her hair, and was so pretty, and so sexy. She performed an exotic, sexy move – taking off her stocking and creating an arc with it between her toe and her hand. I was mesmerized.

So I thought I’d do a term of burlesque – 10 lessons and a show – get back my glittery, pretty sass. Lady Magnolia is a gentle teacher. She patiently corrects (and still does) my infinity circles that are always in the wrong direction; she encourage you to fail & try again; she creates this wonderful safe space to explore your femininity and beauty. She gives you a space to doll up in the most wonderful costumes – corsets, gloves, fishnets, glitter, falsies – and play out sensual and liberating roles.

5 shows, 3 photo shoots later, I’m still hooked! Burlesque has taught me so much more than dancing; its taught me to see beauty in every woman, to be proud of my body. It’s given me a community of amazing and diverse woman who are super supportive of each other; who celebrate successes – big and small – with large quantities of love and champagne – Foxy Flirtini





Monday 6pm Intermediate In Person
Monday 7pm Rougettes In Person

Tuesday 6pm Intermediate Zoom Online 
Tuesday 7pm NEW BEGINNERS In Person

Wednesday 6pm NEW BEGINNERS In Person
Wednesday 7pm Intermediate In Person

Thursday 6:30pm Intermediate
Thursday 7:30pm Belly Dancing In Person and online

Class Fees:
1 class per week – R560 per month (4 classes)
2 x per week – R940 per month (8 classes)

Please email rougerevue@gmail.com to enrol for classes.

To enrol for classes in 2021, please click here


Max 10 students per class. Fees are due by EFT before the 1st of the month.

Venue: 43 Mountain Road, Woodstock

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