Jezzy Belle


Jezzy Belle is the saucy siren of The Rouge Revue, her silken voice will enthrall and ensnare you like the sailors of old.

But don’t be fooled, her voice is not her only appeal. This curvy Queen owns every stage she graces with her unique combination of old-world charm and sizzling sexuality. She entices as she seduces with her cheeky smiles, lures you through her lashes and bumps and grinds her way into your… um… hearts

More about Jezzy Belle

Jezzy Belle is a founding member of The Rougettes, and has been with the Rouge Revue since it’s inception in 2012.

With a love of dance and singing since birth, Jezzy Belle has performed on stages across the country since childhood. She has flirted with many performance, musical and dance styles, including ballet, modern, ballroom, swing, flamenco, ensemble, choral, blues, jazz, pole and belly dancing. Some were brief dalliances, others torrid affairs, one or two were long-term relationships, but none captured her heart like Burlesque, which she discovered through Lady Magnolia in 2010.

Jezzy is a versatile performer, with a wide variety of acts in her repertoire including classic burlesque, neoburlesque and live sing and strips, and is a longstanding and regular favourite of the Cape Town Burlesque scene. This year has seen her expand her performance further in the form a her new comedic alter-ego, Peaches N Cream.

Not only has she performed in all of the Rouge Revue’s Shows to date, including the Steampunk Saloon and the Grand Exhibition, which has raised almost R100 000 for Rape Crisis over the last 3 years, But Jezzy Belle was also an integral member of both Rouge Revue Road Trips, Tours which traversed the Western Cape in 2013 and 2015. She has been invited to perform in many productions by other burlesque and entertainment companies including Black Orchid Burlesque, Baby Grand Burlesque, High Tease Productions, the Scar-lit Box, Boylesque, The Rockabilly Festival and Dance Studio Cape Town. She has also worked on set as a body double for Rebel Wilson.

Jezzy Belle is passionate about empowering women and educating people about body positivity through performance.


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