Lady Magnolia


With an old world elegance and charm, Lady Magnolia embodies the goddess of love and sensuality. With effortless grace, she weaves her magic, reminding us all that goddesses do not rule the world, they are the world. Lady Magnolia is the principal dancer and choreographer and has been running the Rouge Revue since 2010.


Lady Magnolia first fell in love with burlesque when she had the pleasure of meeting and learning from  Diva Disastar and Scar-lit Hearts from Black Orchid Burlesque. She is an accomplished belly dancer who has been teaching and performing with her studio, The Feminine Divine, since 2003. Burlesque afforded her the opportunity to bump and grind over the established belly dance boundaries into the land of pasties and g strings where she has been at home ever since.

Lady Magnolia established The Rouge Revue in 2010 and has been producing burlesque shows both on an amateur and professional level since 2012.  In 2015 Lady Magnolia and The Rouge Revue hosted the first annual,  Grand Exhibition, An International Burlesque Benefit, which is a  community showcase that has raised over R130 000 for Rape Crisis over the last 6 years.

Lady Magnolia is a passionate teacher and performer who’s greatest wish is to empower womxn through her classes and performances.



Signature Acts


Lady Magnolia has been featured in Toya De Lazy’s video – Forbidden Fruit as well as Oh Mercy’s Voodoo Queen Video.